Port Kembla Community Project Inc (PKCP) is a not-for-profit organisation that operates in the Port Kembla Community Centre set up to empower its local community with a variety of services that contribute to more sustainable living. Their ethos is to harness the skills, talents and diversity of its community by giving people the chance to be supported, to create and to participate fully in transformative living. Some of their services include non-interest loans for low-income earners, intergenerational unemployment reduction, and of course, the not-for-profit funeral service. This project is managed by Jenny Briscoe-Hough and a team of twelve dedicated staff, and an ongoing support network of Port Kembla volunteers. To find out more about the PKCP or to donate to their tireless cause, please visit their official website

Our mission is to develop a contemporary funeral service using a social enterprise model. It will provide all aspects of a funeral service while supporting and empowering families and the community to participate as much as they choose in the process. Tender Funerals uses a people centred approach to provide a transparent, affordable, authentic service operating within a sustainable business model. We will focus on working with disadvantaged and Indigenous communities.

Our aim is to work with families, the community and palliative care to develop a model of continual care through each stage of the dying process including after death care. The project will seek to realign the care of our dead with the changing values of our culture. There is a desire within the community for a more sustainable, affordable and meaningful funeral practice, which builds communities of support and skill while facilitating an authentic experience. Tender Funerals will empower the community by developing an education program outlining rights and responsibilities in relation to death and dying in our culture.
— PKCP, 2014